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Customized hearing-protection solutions and communication

Sonova Communications takes hearing protection and hearing seriously. These days, noise pollution is constantly increasing, at the workplace or in our leisure time. With this growing problem of regular noise pollution, the demand for hearing protection is also growing.

Our hearing-protection solutions are comfortable to wear and meet the highest standards. No matter what environment you are in and what noise you are exposed to. we can provide appropriate hearing-protection solutions, so that you can continue to hear well, well into the future.




Many industries operate in fundamentally noisy environments and may also be dependent on communication over long distances. Large road-building machines or factories constantly generate noise, while employees working in logistics or forestry require reliable wireless communication. With our wide range of hearing-protection products and headsets, Phonak provides customized solutions for these sectors.



Construction and road building

Construction workers and road builders depend on robust, durable and comfortable solutions that don't interfere with their work.


Forestry and agriculture

People who work outdoors have different communication needs depending on the job they do. Some only need hearing protection, others a solution with integrated communication.



Today, warehouse operations are more demanding and diverse than ever before. Personnel often work in a noisy environment, for example due to reversing trucks, forklifts and moving pallets.



Factory workers are exposed to a particularly high risk of hearing damage. Phonak’s high-performance hearing-protection systems have been developed to tackle these precise situations.


Food industry

Food production requires exacting standards, including for audio and hearing protection devices. High temperatures and humidity can create a complex environment for audio equipment, but Phonak's specialist product range is more than up to the task.


Ground Staff

In aviation a high-noise environment is a constant challenge, and many employees require highly-reliable, flexible, crystal-clear communication links. For ground staff, mechanics and baggage handlers, Phonak offers customized hearing-protection solutions, with and without communication.

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