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Ensure your workers always have overhead anchorage—anytime, anywhere. The award-winning XSERIES Mobile Grabber provides up to 5 overhead anchor points up to 34 feet in the air and has been tested to meet OSHA and ANSI fall protection codes.

What Is a Mobile Fall Protection System?

A mobile fall protection system can improve worker safety by providing reliable temporary fall protection solutions. Fall protection trailers and systems help worksites comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fall protection regulations when there is no access to a permanent anchorage point.

Unfortunately, job site falls are a leading cause of injury and death on work sites. Each year, hundreds of workers are killed from fall accidents on the job, but these deaths are preventable. A mobile fall protection system can improve employee safety and significantly minimize the risk of fall-related injuries and death.


Benefits of Portable Fall Protection

One of the main benefits of portable fall protection is increasing worker safety and minimizing the risk of injury or death. Additionally, mobile fall protection provides added mobility and flexibility to work sites. Other benefits that temporary fall protection systems can provide include:  

  • Enhanced productivity: Not only can a mobile fall protection system keep employees safe, but it can also improve productivity. Many types of mobile fall protection systems can support multiple employees at once rather than installing numerous single-person anchors.
  • Temporary setup and ability to be reused: Because mobile fall prevention systems are temporary in setup, your company can have fall protection at any jobsite without having to drill or install permanent fixtures into the roof. When your employees complete the job, you can simply and quickly remove the fall protection system for the next project.

Temporary Fall Protection Applications

Employers must keep their workers safe and provide appropriate equipment to minimize injury risks. A mobile fall protection system can be used in many worksites and industries, including:

  • Trucks and railcars: Mobile fall protection systems are often used for truck and railcar work, along with mobile anchorage points for fall-arrest equipment.
  • Rooftops: Active and passive rooftop fall protection systems can be portable and greatly reduce injury risk.
  • Industrial and manufacturing centers: Industrial and manufacturing work sites often use permanent fall protection systems due to the frequency of height-related work. There may be a need for mobility in some cases, and portable fall protection systems can help achieve this.

Why XSERIES Mobile Grabber?

The XSERIES mobile grabber family features high-quality and practical equipment for your company’s needs. Our systems are American-made and engineered to perfection, providing our clients with the best in overhead anchorage. All of our mobile grabber systems are tested rigorously, ensuring they all meet OSHA fall protection standards.



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