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What is a thermal camera?

Thermal cameras, along with other thermal solutions, are sophisticated devices that give users a quick, precise visual of energy emitted from an object. Within seconds, a thermal imaging camera collects data, calculates temperature, and generates an image that depicts the faintest heat signature


What are the Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras and other Thermal Solutions?

One of the greatest advantages of using thermal imaging cameras is seeing what is invisible to the naked eye. Blocked views and darkness don’t
inhibit the results — in fact, thermal security cameras can be used in zero light situations.

Thermal imaging is passive and does not emit any radiation. Not only are these non-contact devices safe to use, they help ensure safety.
Dangers like high heat, mold, illness are no match for its power of detection. 


Types of Thermal Solutions

Handheld Thermal Cameras
Fixed Thermal Cameras
USB Infrared Cameras

USB thermal cameras are small, lightweight, and extremely convenient for individual use in medical, industrial, electrical, scientific, and security settings.

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Infrared Drones
Camera Cores

Why Choose ICI’s Thermal Imagers?

There is a reason why so many leading companies and institutions trust ICI — we are pioneers of technology that meets the highest industry standards.

We have been a clear industry leader in thermal cameras since 1995 and are proud to be veteran-owned and based in the USA.








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